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Public Works: Connecting Communities Worldwide 

How often do you consider where water (and everything you flush along with it) goes after you “go,” or where it flows when it falls as rain, melts as snow, or runs down your driveway from a hose?
Workers fill a trench in the street where pipe work was completed. A piece of heavy machinery, houses, and cars are in the background.

Rain to Drain to River

Your actions, no matter how small, can impact the life cycle of the salmon, and the overall health of the watershed.
Rainfall on suburban rooftops.

The Nature of Green Infrastructure

The Nature of Green Infrastructure online training, offered in both Spanish and English, is a cost-effective resource for landscape maintenance contractors, private property owners, and municipal staff looking to effectively inspect, maintain and ensure the compliance of vegetated water quality facilities. 
A large, multilevel vegetated water quality facility with native plants and brick retaining walls, with an adult walking and a child riding a bike on a sidewalk behind it, and trees behind them.