Resource Recovery

Water Reuse

Winning tastes

The same water we drink, flush, and wash down the drain today has been around for billions of years. Whether it comes from a river, lake, or rain, our water is part of a closed system — one water. Clean water is one of our most precious resources and Clean Water Services has Oregon’s largest water reuse program. Each year we clean more than 24 billion gallons of water to near drinking water standards at our water resource recovery facilities. Most of the cleaned water is released into the Tualatin River, while some (more than 64 million gallons) is reused for irrigation. On occasion, we even produce water clean enough for brewing beer. 

High Purity Water & Pure Water Brew Challenge

Since 2014, Clean Water Services has partnered with Oregon brewers to raise awareness and start conversations about the reusable nature of all water. CWS produces high purity water that far exceeds drinking water standards and provides it to homebrewers as a blank canvas to showcase their brewing creativity. The Pure Water Brew Challenge advances the understanding of how high purity water can be used for product manufacturing by highlighting one particular product — beer, a product Oregon is known for around the world. 

We are engaging industry professionals, public leaders, and people everywhere in this conversation about water reuse. The Pure Water Wagon — a mobile showcase of water purification technology — is changing how people nationwide think about the water they drink. It demonstrates an innovative solution to preserve clean water, now and in the future.

Want to know more about water reuse?

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