Process & Fees


The fees below are effective July 1, 2022 – June 30, 2023, per Resolution and Order 22-11 Exhibit A.

System Development Charges (SDCs)

  • Sanitary Sewer SDCs: $6,625 per Dwelling Unit (DU) or Equivalent Dwelling Unit (EDU). 1 EDU = 16 fixture units.
  • Storm and Surface Water SDCs: $641 per Equivalent Surface Unit (ESU). 1 ESU = 2,640 square feet of impervious surface.

A Dwelling Unit (DU) is a separate residential unit with kitchen, bed, and bathroom facilities, including those in multiple dwellings, apartments, motels, hotels, mobile homes, or trailers. Where allowed by zoning regulations, a dwelling unit also includes an ancillary dwelling unit located on the same lot.

An Equivalent Dwelling Unit (EDU) (or Dwelling Unit Equivalent – DUE) is a nonresidential unit that is deemed equivalent to a dwelling unit as defined here or in the Oregon Plumbing Code.

An Equivalent Surface Unit (ESU) is a measurement unit based on the impervious surface area of an average improved single dwelling lot or parcel, determined by a statistically significant sampling of such parcels.

Permitting Fees

  • Permit Processing Fee: $95
  • Refund Processing Fee: $25 plus costs defined in Section III.C.14
  • Vegetated Corridor/Sensitive Area Signs: $7 each (4”x4”), $29 each (12”x18”)

Inspection Fees

  • Erosion Control Inspection Fee (other than site development): $450 for new construction; $150 for additions, remodels, and demolitions that will disturb less than 1,000 square feet
  • Erosion Control Only Inspection Fee for development sites without infrastructure or vegetated corridor improvements (EC Only Fee): $450 plus $450 prorated for each acre over a half-acre
  • Erosion Control Only Inspection Fee with Subsequent Site Development (Early EC Inspection Fee): $450 or half the EC Only Fee, whichever is greater
  • Site Development Inspection Fee: $900 plus $900 prorated for each acre over a half-acre
  • Stormwater Inspection Fee (other than site development): $150 per project
  • Line Tap Inspection Fee: $150 per line tap 
  • Disconnection Inspection Fee: $150 per disconnection
  • Reinspection Fee: $80/hour with a minimum of $160
  • Warranty Period Reinspection Fee for Proprietary Treatment System: $80/hour with a minimum of $160 per proprietary vault or proprietary catch basin
  • Extended Warranty Inspection Fee: $150 for each 6-month extension
  • Reconnection Inspection Fee: $150 per reconnection
  • Special Investigation Fee: $80/hour with a minimum of $160
  • Inspection Overtime Fee: $120/hour with a minimum of $240
  • DEQ 1200-C and 1200-CN Erosion Control Permit Fee: DEQ pass-through fee

Plan Check Fees

  • Plan Check Application Fee for Site Development Projects and EC-Only permits on sites requiring subsequent site development permit: $1,350
  • Plan Check Fee: 4% of the cost of construction of storm and surface water, sanitary sewer, and vegetated corridor improvements provided by developer 
  • Plan Check Resubmittal Fee: $530
  • Plan Check Overtime Fee: $126/hour with a minimum of $252
  • Stormwater Review Fee (other than site development): $130 per request
  • Stormwater Review Fee (Site Development): $65 per request. 

Site Certification, Site Assessment, and Alternatives Analysis Review Fees

  • Basic Site Certificate Concurrence Fee: $100
  • Site Assessment Application and Base Review Fee: $700 due with application.
  • Minor Encroachment/Allowed Use Certification Fee: $700 in addition to Base Review Fee. Due before Service Provider Letter is issued
  • Tiered Alternative Analysis Review Fee: $1,400 in addition to Base Review Fee. Due before Service Provider Letter is issued
  • Service Provider Letter Amendment Review Fee  
    • First Request
      • Minor Amendment: $250 + difference in fees
      • Major Amendment: $800 + difference in fees
    • Additional Amendments Requests: $1,000

Additional Fees

  • Model Home Application Fee: $500 
  • Product Approval Review Fees: $5,000 
  • Natural Resources and Economic Development Services Planning Fee: $150 per hour 
  • SWM Charges Investigation Fee: $110 per request 
  • Temporary Discharge Review Fee: $425 per occurrence