Design & Construction Standards

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Clean Water Services’ Design and Construction Standards describe administrative and technical requirements for development and construction activities that occur within CWS’ jurisdictional boundary.

The Standards address a range of topics including the design and construction of sanitary sewer and surface water management systems, erosion control methods, and natural resources protection.

Design & Construction Standards (Current): R&O 19-5 as Amended by R&O 19-22, adopted November 12, 2019

Resolution & Order 19-22 & Table of Contents


  • Chapter 1 (PDF) – General Requirements and Administrative Provisions
  • Chapter 2 (PDF) – Administrative Procedures
  • Chapter 3 (PDF) – Sensitive Areas and Vegetated Corridors
  • Chapter 4 (PDF) – Runoff Treatment and Control
  • Chapter 5 (PDF) – Conveyance Design
  • Chapter 6 (PDF) – Erosion Prevention and Sediment Control
  • Chapter 7 (PDF) – General Construction Specifications for Conveyance Systems
  • Chapter 8 (PDF) – Technical Specifications for Conveyance Systems
  • Chapter 9 (PDF) – Wastewater Pump Stations and Force Mains
  • Chapter 10 (PDF) – Septic Tank Effluent Pump (STEP) Systems

Appendix A – Planting Requirements

Appendix B – Standard Details

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Low Impact Development Approaches Handbook

Erosion Control Manual 

Tualatin River Urban Stormwater Tool (TRUST)

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