Sewer & Stormwater Services

About Utility Service

An Aerial view of Butternut Creek, a tributary to the Tualatin River, with heavy vegetation along the banks of the creek and houses backing up to the water.

Clean Water Services is a water resources management utility that combines science and nature to clean water and return it to the Tualatin River so it can be used again.

We work in partnership with others to safeguard the river’s health and vitality, ensure the economic success of our region, and protect public health for over 600,000 people in urban Washington County. Scroll through our latest Annual Report or read our At-a-Glance document (PDF, 1.64MB) to learn more. 

Since 1970, when Clean Water Services was formed, the community’s investment has paid off for the Tualatin River, the community, and our customers. The river is healthier today than it has been in generations, valued for its natural beauty, recreational opportunities, and wildlife habitat.

All water moves through a cycle of use and reuse in watersheds throughout the world. This closed system supports our economy, ecology, and community. We all share this one water. Explore the One Water Cycle and follow the many paths water can take. From rain to the river and from homes and businesses, through pipe systems and treatment facilities, and back to the environment to be used again — this is one water.

Obsessed with science, in love with nature: Your water resources management utility.