Living with Nature

Our watershed is home to an amazing array of plant and wildlife species. From birds to beavers, they all call this place home. Wildlife is a sign of a healthy environment, and you can learn more about living with these species with the Watershed Navigator. Portland Audubon Society also has tips on Living with Urban Wildlife and how to reduce wildlife hazards and conflicts in your backyard. If wildlife activity on your property is creating a health or safety threat, you can contact USDA Wildlife Services at 503.326.2346 and leave a detailed message for assistance. 

Problem: Nutria

Nutrias are an invasive, non-native species that we may have trapped if they are damaging stream enhancement projects, water quality facilities, or drainage systems. For questions about non-native, invasive species, please view our Integrated Pest Management Plan (PDF).

Beneficial: Beaver

A Native Beaver holds a small chewed stick while swimming in water.

Because beavers are a native and beneficial species, we do not disturb them unless their activity is flooding a structure or damaging the public drainage system. If you observe beavers causing this type of activity, please report it to our Field Operations staff at 503.547.8100. Get information about living with beaver with the Watershed Navigator.

Problem: Invasive Plants

Do you need information about nuisance species such as Japanese knotweed and English Ivy? Learn more about invasive plants from Tualatin Soil and Water Conservation District. Interested in learning about how CWS handles invasive species? Explore our Integrated Pest Management Plan (PDF) and Herbicide Fact Sheet (PDF).