Healthy Watershed

About Our River & Watershed

A graphic showing that the watershed is a bowl with the mountains at the edge and the rivers flowing to the bottom.

A watershed is a geographic area that works like a great big bowl to link land, water, and people. The Tualatin River Watershed includes 712 square miles and ranges from densely populated areas to agricultural areas and the forests of Oregon’s Coast Range. Explore more of our watershed with the Watershed Navigator.

The 80-mile-long Tualatin River is unlike most rivers in the Northwest. It meanders slowly through relatively flat terrain, draining more than 700 square miles of forested, agricultural, and urban areas before joining the Willamette River. The Tualatin is Washington County’s only river and an important resource for the region. The river is used for regional drinking water supply and agricultural irrigation. In addition, canoeing, fishing, and wildlife viewing draw thousands of outdoor enthusiasts each year.

Tualatin River Status

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