Sewer & Stormwater Services

Street Sweeping

When it rains, pollution runs into storm drains and harms our rivers and streams. 

Street Sweeper in community

Once per month, we sweep all curb and gutter streets in the unincorporated areas of Washington County. If you live within incorporated city limits, your city’s Public Works crew is responsible for sweeping. We sweep at approximately the same time each month; however, delays may occur due to weather and vehicle maintenance.

Our street sweepers are designed to pick up naturally occurring debris. Please do not pile leaves or other yard debris, which can lead to blocked storm drains and slick roads. Find out which zone you live in by entering your address in the upper right-hand corner of our Street Sweeping Zone Map Tool. Call 503.547.8115 to determine approximate dates we will be in your zone.

Street sweeping is part of our surface water management (SWM) program. Each resident of the community contributes to the cost of the program because we all use buildings, streets, parking lots and sidewalks. The average household pays $9.75 per month while larger properties may pay more. 

If you have questions about street sweeping, contact our Field Operations team at 503.547.8100 or check out our Street Sweeping Fact Sheet (PDF)