Community Engagement


A community member wearing a bright yellow shirt and helmet rides a bike across a bridge at Fanno Creek

Have you seen CWS employees lately? We’re busy working on a variety of projects including stream enhancement, treatment facility upgrades, system improvements, maintenance, and more. Explore some of our community engagement projects below.

Ongoing Projects

Tualatin Basin Joint Project

The federal Bureau of Reclamation will update Scoggins Dam to better withstand a major earthquake through its Safety of Dams program. Reclamation plans to move forward with final design and environmental compliance requirements in 2022. Watch Reclamation’s Scoggins Safety of Dams page for updates.


Fernhill is part of more than 700 acres in Forest Grove owned by Clean Water Services for water resources management. Fernhill utilizes natural treatment systems, or wetlands, to improve water quality by removing nutrients, cooling, and naturalizing the water after conventional treatment. Fernhill is designated an Important Bird Area and is also home to beavers, frogs, coyote, and other wildlife.

Tree for All

Tree for All is a community partnership of cities, nonprofits, farmers, volunteers, and others who have joined hands (and shovels) to plant native trees and shrubs along the Tualatin River and its tributaries. Streams lined with native vegetation provide cleaner, cooler water, better flood management, and fish and wildlife habitat. It’s good for Mother Nature and our community!

Current Active Community Engagement

Butternut Creek Enhancement

Decades ago, Butternut Creek (PDF) meandered through forests and farms, swelling in the rainy season and dwindling in the heat. Now, it’s a single-thread, heavily incised creek that is disconnected from the floodplain and lined with invasive reed canary grass.

South Bull Mountain Regional Stormwater and Sanitary System Studies

To support thoughtful environmental planning for our region, Clean Water Services will be working with specialized consultants to conduct two parallel regional studies in the South Bull Mountain area. One study is for stormwater; the other is for a sanitary system. As the region develops, careful planning is needed to ensure appropriate infrastructure is in place in each community to protect the environment and serve our growing population.

The studies will analyze technical and on-the-ground data, explore alternatives, and produce recommendations for effective regional stormwater management and sanitary system design. Clean Water Services is coordinating with local governments and the community on the process. The studies began in spring 2022 and will be completed summer 2023 (PDF). The studies’ recommendations will influence future stormwater management and sanitary systems and guide infrastructure development.

Brookman Sewer & Cedar/Goose Creeks Assessment

Clean Water Services and the City of Sherwood are working together to support Sherwood’s future. This project (PDF) will bring necessary sewer services to Sherwood’s expanding community and natural resource enhancements.

A study has identified a sewer alignment that will provide service to the new Sherwood High School and upcoming development in the Brookman area. The alignment will place a new line in, or near, Goose Creek and Cedar Creek, as well as along sections of roadways and surrounding areas.

Some property owners will be directly impacted by the placement of the sewer pipe and subject to a temporary or permanent easement. This Easement Timeline (PDF) provides impacted property owners with an idea of what to expect as Clean Water Services moves forward on this project. Property owners will also have opportunities for natural resource enhancements as part of this project.

Here are some FAQs (PDF) about this project.

Cedar Mill Creek

Infrastructure projects can present the opportunity to work in partnership and include additional improvements at an overall reduced cost. The need to replace an aging pipe in the Cedar Mill Creek watershed provided Clean Water Services with an opportunity to also richly invest in local environmental and wildlife habitat improvements.

B Street Trail Bridge

In 2019, Tree for All partners launched a two-year enhancement project to improve water quality, creek stability, fish and wildlife habitat, plant communities and recreational opportunities along a reach of Gales Creek, just off the B St Trail. This site is part of the larger Gales Forest Grove Natural Area, where Tree for All partners have been active for more than a decade. The project reconnects the creek and floodplain while helping to protect the adjacent road and demonstration farm from flood risk. 

North Bethany Enhancement

This collaboration began as an opportunity to maximize efficiency, coordinate infrastructure, and minimize potential conflicts between two distinct projects that overlap geographically. One project involves an extension of the North Bethany Trunk sewer and the other involves exploring and implementing stream restoration and natural treatment along the West Tributary to Abbey Creek to slow and filter stormwater runoff.

Routine Project Work


Clean Water Services and city crews maintain the storm and sewer system by cleaning catch basins, sweeping streets, keeping up water quality facilities and more. Have a question about these activities in your neighborhood? Contact the city or call our Field Operations team at 503.547.8100. 

Water Quality Facilities

If you have questions about a neighborhood swale or other vegetated area, first check to see if there’s a sign listing contact information. If no sign or contact information is available, please contact the city or call our Field Operations team at 503.547.8100.


For questions about a project in your neighborhood where you’ve seen Clean Water Services’ signs, trucks, or staff call 503.681.3600.

Projects for construction and purchasing contracts for other goods and services are listed publicly under bid opportunities and solicitations