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Your concerns are important.

Two clean water services employees in hard hats and safety vests work with a vac truck to clean out a stormdrain.

Whether you witness a sewer overflow or illegal dumping into a storm drain — or have questions about wildlife or need to submit a claim — we are here to help. If you have general questions, please visit our Contact Us page or call 503.681.3600. 

Immediate Public Health Threats

If you witness a problem that is an immediate threat to public health or property, please call Clean Water Services’ 24-hour response line at 503.681.3600.

Illegal Storm Drain Dumping

If you see someone dumping paint, oil, soap, fertilizer, or other waste into a storm drain, notify Environmental Services. Remember, what goes down the storm drain goes to the nearest stream and eventually the Tualatin River.

File a Claim

Safety is our top priority. While Clean Water Services works to minimize potential risks, accidents can happen. When property damage or personal injuries are reported, the Risk team works to investigate, evaluate, and resolve claims. If you have a reason to believe Clean Water Services is responsible for your loss, you can report a claim for:

Report your claim as soon as possible, even if you don’t have all the required information. Under ORS 30.275, you must submit a claim within 180 days from the date of loss. 

Not all information is required for the initial report, but please do provide:

  • Your contact information
    Contact information for yourself and other parties, including email address. Let us know your relationship to the claim and the best way to contact you. Are you the injured party, property/vehicle owner? 
  • Details about the claim
    Describe what happened, including the date and time of the event, as well as the address of the loss location. Provide information about any damage or injuries. Include the license plate number of any involved vehicles and any contact information for passengers or witnesses.
  • Additional documentation
    Items such as photos, estimated, receipts, and invoices that support your claim should be included. However, do not send sensitive personal or medical records with your claim. Our adjuster will request your personal or medical records if needed.

Drain backed up?

Homes and businesses connect to the public system through private plumbing called laterals. If you experience a backup or blockage in yours, take the steps outlined in this helpful fact sheet. If you believe an issue is part of the public system, contact us.

Concerned about flooding?

Visit our Flood Facts page for more information about flood-related problems.

Concerned about herbicides?

If you need to use herbicides, learn about how we use them with our Herbicide Fact Sheet (PDF).

Concerned about wildlife?

Learn more about beneficial and invasive wildlife.

Questions about sewer backups?

See our Sewer Repairs on Private Property (PDF) brochure. 

For general questions:

Concerned about Odors?

If you are concerned about odors outside of your home or in your neighborhood, please let us know. To ensure we can identify the source and help resolve the issue, please include the following information:

  • Address or cross-street of the issue
  • Whether the odor is inside or outside the home
  • If there’s specific source or area where the odor is stronger
  • How long you’ve experienced it
  • Whether any of your neighbors are experiencing it