Process & Fees

Site Development Permit

A Clean Water Services employee helps a community member file a permit at the Permits counter in Hillsboro

The Site Development Permit authorizes the construction or modification of sanitary sewer, storm sewer and water quality/quantity facilities. It’s also the review process for erosion control on sites larger than one acre.

Depending on the site’s jurisdiction, the city or county will be part of the Site Development Permit process. The cities of BeavertonCorneliusHillsboroForest GroveSherwoodTigard, and Tualatin review development plans with regard to sanitary and storm sewer requirements within their jurisdiction. Clean Water Services reviews development plans regarding sanitary and storm sewer requirements within unincorporated Washington County; the cities of Banks, Durham, Gaston, King City, and North Plains; and small portions of unincorporated Clackamas and Multnomah counties.

Initial Submittal Requirements

Please refer to the complete list in the Initial Plan Submittal Requirements (PDF). Key requirements include:

  • Complete, stamped engineering plans
  • Land Use Authority Conditions of Approval
  • Complete drainage report, including sizing calculations for all utilities and facilities (See D&C Standards 2.04.04)
  • Landscaping/planting plans for facilities and vegetated corridors
  • Erosion control plans

Once your project has been submitted and is under review you can check your status of the project at Engineering Plan Review Status or City Plan Review.

Incomplete submittals will be returned without review. Complete plans will be reviewed within 15 business days. If there are comments, resubmittal will require additional review of 10 more business days from resubmittal. 

Post Plan Approval Permitting Requirements

  • Cost estimates for all sanitary and storm sewers, facilities, erosion control, and landscaping/restoration
  • Performance assurances (bonds, escrow, etc.)
  • Construction Permit Agreement
  • Off-site easements
  • DEQ 1200-C/CN Permit for sites one (1) acre or larger
  • Copies of any necessary US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) or Department of State Lands (DSL) permits


Marvin Spiering 
Engineering Plan Review Project Manager