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Erosion Control

Ground cover on an undisturbed site naturally protects the surface and removal of that cover increases the site’s susceptibility to erosion. When land is disturbed at a construction site, the erosion potential increases. Proper planning and use of erosion prevention measures can reduce the impact of human-induced erosion and its impact on water quality.

Erosion Control Permit

Single family projects such as new home construction, remodels, and accessory dwellings, which result in 500 square feet of ground disturbance, require an Erosion Control Permit. These projects may use the example Single Family Erosion & Sediment Control site plan provided below.

Larger projects, which require site development permitting, will also include an Erosion Control Permit. To begin grading or excavation before the Site Development Permit is approved, you may apply for an Erosion Control Only Permit. Application is separate from the Site Development Permit and requires three sets of erosion control plans.

Before applying for an Erosion Control Only Permit, you must have the Service Provider Letter, Land Use Approval and any required Corps of Engineers or Department of State Lands permits. You will also need a preliminary review of site development plans to ensure that revisions will not affect grading, pipe alignments, water quality/quantity facilities, or vegetated corridors. A site-specific erosion control plan is required with the application, and 1200-C or CN templates must be used when applicable, as described below.

DEQ 1200-CN Erosion Control Permit (sites between one and five acres)

A Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) 1200-CN Erosion Control Permit is required for construction activities on sites between one acre and five acres of disturbance to control stormwater runoff. CWS and its partner cities act as permit agents for DEQ. Applicants must submit the required 1200-CN template style erosion control plans before CWS can issue Site Development and/or Erosion Control Only Permits or Connection Permit Authorization. Refer to the DEQ 1200-CN Plan Checklist for submittal requirements.

For general information on the 1200-CN permits, visit DEQ’s 1200-CN Construction Stormwater General Permit page. If your site requires an Environmental Management Plan, submit those plans directly to DEQ,

DEQ 1200-C Erosion Control Permit (sites greater than five acres)

A Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) 1200-C Erosion Control Permit is required for construction activities on sites five acres and larger to control stormwater runoff. CWS is a permit agent for DEQ and accepts 1200-C applications and required 1200-C forms and erosion control template style plans. CWS reviews 1200-C submittals for completeness and accuracy and notifies DEQ of new projects to begin a required 14-day public comment period. At the conclusion of the public comment period, DEQ authorizes CWS to issue the 1200-C Permit coverage. 1200-C coverage is required before CWS may issue Site Development and/or Erosion Control Only Permits or Connection Permit Authorization. 

On Sept. 30, 2021, DEQ transitioned to an online permitting portal called Your DEQ Online. This portal will be available soon. Until then, the permit application, termination and name change forms are available by using the links below. Please refer to the DEQ 1200-C Plan Checklist for submittal requirements and submit forms directly to CWS.

Please note that 1200-C permit fees must be sent directly by DEQ. For general information on the 1200-C website visit DEQ’s 1200-C Application page.


Jackie Humphreys 
Engineering Technician III