Leadership & Departments

Business Services

Business Services is composed of the administrative programs that support Clean Water Services operations and services provided to customers.

Office of the Chief Executive Officer

The Office of the CEO is responsible for developing and administering strategic initiatives including Integrated Planning and Performance Excellence and implementing the policy direction provided by the Board of Directors and advisory input from the Clean Water Services Advisory Commission. The office of the CEO is responsible for overall management of CWS operations and intergovernmental coordination with co-implementer cities, Washington County, and other jurisdictions. 

Administrative Services

The Administrative Services is a new program that provides centralized, sustainable, and coordinated business operations across CWS departments and facilities. Program staff serve as embedded liaisons within departments and programs and communicate CWS business practices, policies, and messages to internal and external audiences. 

Business Opportunities & Operations 

Business Opportunities & Operations manages CWS’ procurement function, which includes purchasing and contracting for goods, services, and construction. Procurement responsibilities include helping CWS staff members conduct competitive purchasing and contracting processes and developing and ensuring compliance with CWS purchasing policies. Program staff members also identify and pursue CWS business opportunities, including internal opportunities to improve business processes and external opportunities to advance CWS’ business interests. Finally, staff in this group manage the Business Performance Optimization Program, which consists of reviewing CWS’ programs and assisting with developing, implementing and monitoring program improvements.

Communications & Community Engagement

Communications & Community Engagement enables CWS to reach its strategic outcomes by amplifying CWS’ value and nurturing positive behaviors in and experiences with its community. The program leads the organization’s strategic communications, public engagement, government affairs, education and outreach, and creative services to build awareness, support, and credibility for CWS and its role in public and watershed health. Staff members engage targeted audiences in major CWS initiatives including resource recovery, stormwater, and water supply projects; manage local, state, and federal government relations and legislative affairs; and regularly inform and connect with the general public, business and academic communities, volunteers, media, opinion leaders, Board of Directors, Clean Water Services Advisory Commission, community organizations and watershed stakeholder groups to build trust and to motivate to act. 

Culture, Equity & Learning

Culture, Equity & Learning is a new program that creates and manages strategies that make CWS a place where every employee can learn, grow, and thrive, and that creates positive equity benefits in our region. Working closely with internal teams and external partners, the program advances CWS key strategic outcomes through activities including fostering partnerships with historically underrepresented communities; planning, implementing and evaluating equity, diversity and inclusion programs; employee engagement surveys; organization development; onboarding; employee resource groups; cultural heritage celebrations; employee communication and engagement; peer-to-peer learning; and developing an integrated employee learning program.

Digital Solutions

Digital Solutions develops and manages CWS’ software and hardware infrastructure, data analytics and data visualizations systems, and Geographic Information System. These systems store and manage data, and consequently transform data into decision support systems for operation optimization, asset management, stormwater and watershed management, customer support, and research and innovation. Digital Solutions develops and implements best practices and training for employees to improve productivity and collaboration. Business intelligence and cybersecurity are the two areas Digital Solutions continues to improve and invest in to support data driven decisions, safeguard the CWS digital infrastructure, and reduce vulnerabilities.

Finance & Accounting

Finance & Accounting is responsible for strategic financial planning and direction and financial accounting and reporting. Finance & Accounting provides services related to external financial reporting through the Annual Comprehensive Financial Report, general ledger accounting, internal financial reporting, accounts payable and receivable, payroll, and utility billing and collections. This group manages budget planning, development, and administration; capital improvement program development and project accounting; and bond issuance and debt management. Finance & Accounting works closely with the Strategy Development team on cost of services analysis, rate and fee setting, and financial forecasting.

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Human Resources

Human Resources is responsible for planning, developing, and implementing diverse employee processes and programs that allow Clean Water Services to remain inclusive, efficient, and innovative, while promoting collaboration, continuous learning, and employee well-being. Responsibilities include benefits and wellness; managing employee relations; recruitment, selection, and onboarding; equity, diversity, and inclusion; classification and compensation; labor relations including contract interpretation and dispute resolution; employee training and development; performance evaluations; reporting and analytics; administering human resources policies and procedures; and CWS compliance with state and federal employment laws.

Legal Services

The in-house legal team provides legal advice on complex and dynamic legal, regulatory, and business matters related to wastewater treatment, stormwater management, watershed enhancement and general water resource recovery issues. Legal Services provides proactive and practical advice to CWS groups to assist their business needs while protecting the legal interests of the organization. Members of the Legal team draft a variety of documents including contracts, easements, ordinances and intergovernmental agreements and answer questions about the purchasing rules, procurements, contracts, real property, environmental and municipal law, construction disputes, permits, and other legal matters. The General Counsel retains and manages outside legal counsel on complex issues or litigation when needed.

Research & Innovation

Research & Innovation promotes improved technologies and processes to maintain and improve the water quality of the Tualatin River Watershed. R&I staff members seek to optimize plant and restoration operations, develop, and adopt new innovative technologies, verify operational data for purchase or design of new technologies, and improve regulatory compliance. R&I includes major programs in environmental and water resources modeling and the application of molecular methods to improving biological treatment and DNA monitoring in the watershed. 

Risk & Insurance Management

Risk & Insurance Management supports the strategic objectives of Clean Water Services by bringing a systematic and principled approach to identifying, analyzing, mitigating, and preventing risk at all organizational levels. This is accomplished by identifying, evaluating, and controlling risk to reduce the frequency and severity of adverse events at CWS. Focus areas include risk financing through commercial and self-insurance programs; managing emergencies, claims, and CWS’ captive, Clean Water Insurance Company, LLC; and supporting loss prevention and employee safety programs.

Strategy Development & Enterprise Performance Management

Strategy Development & Enterprise Performance Management is responsible for leading and facilitating strategy development and implementation activities in all CWS service areas to advance CWS’ mission, vision, and values. The program was renamed from Business Strategy & Performance Systems. It consolidates strategy resources in Financial Strategy & Performance Management, Integrated Planning, and long-term regulatory compliance strategies from Regional Utility Services and Regulatory Affairs.