Leadership & Departments

Enterprise Asset & Technical Services

Enterprise Asset & Technical Services includes the senior management for the department, who provide general and fiscal management of the department’s programs.


This group includes the senior management for the department who provide general and fiscal management of the department’s programs.

Asset Management

CWS tracks more than 15,000 assets across the organization with a computerized maintenance management information system (CMMIS). The group includes Building Maintenance – ABC Building, Building Maintenance – Field Operations, Building Maintenance – Materials Handling Yard, Building Maintenance – ripl, Building Maintenance – Tualatin River Farm, and WRRD Facilities. Key management objectives are to extend the useful life of assets and to repair or replace them before they fail, thereby maximizing the value of the investments and performance reliability. This group performs condition assessments and life cycle analyses that provide critical information for planning the amount and timing of funding the capital renewal and replacement program. The team maintains, services, and supports all aspects of each facility including the building envelopes, interiors, utilities and support systems, and hardscaping.

Control & Automation

Operation of the advanced water resource recovery facilities is highly automated through supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems. Real-time process control is accomplished through programmable logic controllers (PLCs). Remote telemetry systems monitor condition and status of the pump stations and collection system. This program is responsible for the design, implementation and maintenance of the hardware and programming software for the control and monitor systems.

Technical Support

Conveyance and treatment of wastewater is accomplished with many hundreds of motor-driven pumps; blowers; mixers; and power distribution, co-generation and other specialized equipment that are configured with complex instrumentation for automatic control and redundancy at the water resource recovery facilities and pump stations. High level mechanical, electrical and instrumentation technical expertise is essential for reliable and standardized operation and maintenance of equipment; piping, mechanical and electrical distribution systems; and controls systems networks. This program is responsible for developing design standards, design, input, troubleshooting and maintenance support, construction inspections, commissioning, and start-ups.


The new Safety program combines the safety aspects from all CWS departments into one central program. This program is responsible for managing and implementing programs and initiatives to ensure the health, safety, and well-being of CWS employees and ensure compliance with all safety regulations and policies across CWS. The group will work with the CWS emergency management team to develop and maintain disaster preparedness and support CWS’ operational response to emergencies. The group will serve as CWS’ safety experts and partner with Human Resources, Risk Management and CWS leadership to drive the continual development of a world-class safety culture and manage the implementation of safety policies, guidelines, processes, and training.