Leadership & Departments

Regional Utility Services

Regional Utility Services (RUSD) is responsible for customer relations, economic development and community planning, and utility intergovernmental relations. Staff in these programs manage and administer CWS’ intergovernmental agreements with co-implementing cities, Washington County, City of Portland, and other partners; develop the policies and standards for new development; and build transformative relationships with land use and community development, public works, and engineering programs at partner agencies. The department manages private development permitting, environmental and engineering design plan review, and construction oversight. RUSD consists of Administration, Development Services and Systems Planning. 


This program includes the senior management for the department. Staff provide general and fiscal management of the department’s programs and interact with external agencies on a wide variety of technical and policy issues. The program is responsible for developing high level policy and relationship strategies using an integrative approach. This work includes interaction with community and professional organizations and collaborative efforts with other jurisdictions through the Co-Implementer Committee, Capital Improvement Plan Prioritization and Coordinating Committee, and other partnering efforts.

Development Services

Development Services provides local program services related to private development within the unincorporated area and cities of Banks, Durham, Gaston, King City and North Plains. These local program services include technical research and customer service; plan review, administration and inspection of vegetated corridor improvements, erosion control, sanitary sewer, and stormwater quality and quantity facilities; and permit issuance for sanitary sewer, surface water and erosion control. Development Services also administers the private stormwater quality facilities inspection program.

The group provides regional program services to the entire service area and all cities including reviewing environmental plans, acting as DEQ’s agent for the 1200-C erosion control permit program, technical assistance, interpreting and training on the Design and Construction Standards, and performing oversight of plan reviews across all the co-implementer programs to ensure consistency in application of the Standards. The group maintains the record mapping system for the sanitary and surface water systems including regular import of information from the co-implementers. Along with Systems Planning, Development Services facilitates and coordinates the implementation of both local and regional infrastructure projects between CWS and co-implementer private development projects and participates in coordinated long-range systems and land use planning efforts, including providing Geographic Information System analysis services supporting CWS programs. The program also provides regional quality control; compliance oversight; and coordinated performance reporting of plan review, erosion control and vegetated corridor inspection programs across CWS. 

Systems Planning

Systems Planning leads the regional integration of capital planning and analysis across the service area, coordinates interagency capital improvement design and construction, and helps integrate developer-constructed infrastructure to assure capacity for growth in both the sanitary and storm sewer systems. Along with Development Services, Systems Planning facilitates and coordinates the implementation of local and regional infrastructure projects between CWS and co-implementer private development projects and participates in coordinated long-range systems and land use planning efforts. The program also provides administration and customer outreach for Local Improvement Districts and Reimbursement Districts.