Leadership & Departments

Utility Operations & Services

Utility Operations & Services (UOPS) is responsible for the planning, design, construction oversight, operations, and maintenance of CWS’ surface water and sanitary conveyance systems. 


This group includes senior management for the department and technical support staff. Staff provides general and fiscal management for the department and interacts with external agencies on a wide variety of technical and policy issues. 

Conveyance Engineering Services 

Conveyance Engineering Services provides administration, planning, design, and construction management of CWS’ Capital Improvement Program for both sanitary and surface water management (SWM) systems. The services provided by this group are driven by the need to comply with legal mandates, protect public health, protect beneficial uses, address development needs and meet public demands for efficient responsive service.

Projects implemented by Conveyance Engineering Services include extending and making capacity upgrades to small diameter (21-inch and smaller) local sanitary sewer and storm and surface water systems serving the unincorporated area and the cities of Banks, Durham, Gaston, King City and North Plains. These local projects are funded with rates and System Development Charges and implemented through the Capital Improvement Program and local SWM Small Works Program or privately funded by benefited property owners through Local Improvement Districts and Reimbursement Districts. 

The group is also responsible for administering, planning, designing, and managing construction of large diameter (24-inch and larger) regional sanitary sewer projects and regional water quality facilities with more than an acre of treatment area. The group coordinates and manages the regional inflow and infiltration abatement program; and provides regional system evaluation, computer modeling, and sanitary and storm and surface water system master planning.

Field Operations 

Field Operations maintains the public storm and sanitary sewer collection systems. The division includes System Repair, System Maintenance, Local Repair & Construction, TV/Flow Monitoring, and SWM Surface Facility Maintenance programs.

The operational programs perform Local Maintenance Program activities defined under the Performance Standards on the public storm and sanitary systems serving the unincorporated area and the cities of Banks, Durham, Gaston, King City and North Plains. These activities include emergency response, cleaning and performing TV inspection of public storm and sanitary sewer pipes, cleaning catch basins and water quality maintenance holes, sweeping streets, maintaining water quality facilities, repairing damaged or deteriorated infrastructure, constructing short line replacements, installing catch basins and inlets, and enhancing stream corridors. The Local Program also includes handling debris collected from catch basin and street sweeping functions. Cities using the CWS operated Materials Processing Yard pay for those services with fees set in CWS Rates and Charges. The group also maintains ditches and performs limited culvert repairs on roads within the Urban Road Maintenance District under an annual contract with Washington County. 

Field Operations performs Regional Maintenance Program activities throughout the entire service area, including all cities. These activities include managing and maintaining the systemwide flow monitoring and rain gauge network, chemical root control, rehabilitating maintenance holes to reduce inflow and infiltration, maintaining the large diameter (24-inch and larger) sanitary sewer system, and maintaining and reconstructing regional water quality facilities with a treatment area of one acre and larger.