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Addressing Flooding on the Fanno Creek Trail

Thank you to community members who have expressed concerns about flooding on the Fanno Creek Trail. Flooding occurred later into the summer of 2022 than is typical due to record-high spring rainfall. We expect the creek level to continue to drop with the onset of sustained dry weather.  

Clean Water Services attempted to help reduce flooding in the short term by lowering the beaver dam downstream from Scholl Ferry Road twice in July, but the beavers quickly rebuilt the dam. 

For a long-term solution, CWS has been pursuing a project to raise the elevation of the path under Scholls Ferry Road. The project went to bid in 2021, but no bids were received. CWS rebid the project this year, but the bids came in significantly over the amount of funding available. 

In order to most effectively use ratepayer dollars, CWS is now developing a plan to elevate the path with in-house construction crews. While we are still exploring whether it will be possible for construction to begin this summer, construction will most likely be completed in summer 2023. 

Find information on the Fanno Creek Trail and other planned improvements from Tualatin Hills Parks & Recreation District and City of Tigard

A cyclists rides their bike on the Fanno Creek trail.