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Statement Regarding Meriwether Golf Course

“Rumors have emerged on social media erroneously stating that Clean Water Services has purchased the Meriwether Golf Course and will be shutting it down,” said Meriwether owner Bill Saunders. “There are no current plans to shut down the Meriwether Golf Course. It is open for business and will remain so for the foreseeable future.”

In 2021, Clean Water Services began exploring the possibility of acquiring the Meriwether Golf Course near Hillsboro. Its location near CWS’ Rock Creek Water Resource Recovery Facility, significant floodplain acreage, and more than two miles of frontage on the Tualatin River make it an attractive potential site for meeting some of Washington County’s growing water resources management needs.

CWS just began evaluating the Meriwether site and has not purchased the property nor made an offer to buy it. A decision to make an offer on the property will not be made soon and, as with any real property transaction, requires approval by the CWS Board of Directors.

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