Environmental Review

The environmental regulations that are administered by Clean Water Services are detailed in Chapter 3 of the Design and Construction Standards (PDF, 390KB). These rules apply throughout unincorporated urban Washington County and its Cities.

The goal of the Environmental Review is to obtain the Service Provider Letter (SPL) which will lead to site development, erosion control, or building permits. The Environmental Review includes a Sensitive Area pre-screening process and based on the results of this process, a Site Certification or Standard Site Assessment may be required.

More detailed information is available in our Environmental Review Process for a Service Provider Letter (PDF, 247KB).

Sensitive Area Pre-Screening Requirements (Typical 1-5 business day review)
Site Certification Requirements (Up to 10 business day review)

*Check the current Review and Inspection Fees (PDF, 143KB). Still have questions? Call our Permit Counter at 503.681.5100.

Site Assessment Requirements (Up to 15 business day review)
  • Sensitive Areas Certification Form (PDF, 303KB)
  • Submittal Fee*
  • Delineation Report
  • Natural Resource Assessment Report
  • Existing Condition Figure
  • Proposed Development Figure
  • Service Provider Letter Fee* (dependent on the amount of encroachment, if any, into the Vegetated Corridor)

*Check the current Review and Inspection Fees (PDF, 146KB). Still have questions? Call our Permit Counter at 503.681.5100.


Lindsey Obermiller
Plan Reviewer

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