Community Engagement

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Clean Water Services works in partnership with a variety of area organizations and local cities. 


Transformational partnerships make large-scale, sustainable restoration possible.

In Oregon’s Tualatin Watershed, 15 years of hard work has resulted in more than 140 river miles planted with native vegetation and 30,000-plus acres managed for watershed health by Tree for All partners. According to a 2017 report by Portland State University’s Institute for Sustainable Solutions, “Restoration would have taken much longer to accomplish without partnerships or would have covered much smaller areas. In some instances, without partnerships, it is likely that restoration would not have occurred at all.”

If you are looking to make a bigger impact in your community, join Tree for All partners, check with your local city, or visit Tualatin River Watershed Council, Tualatin Riverkeepers, Tualatin River National Wildlife RefugeJackson Bottom Wetlands, or The Intertwine.

Partners for Clean Water

Since 1993, a group of dedicated public agencies has worked cooperatively to increase public awareness issues in the Tualatin River Watershed. The Partners for Clean Water have increased awareness about nonpoint source pollution by leveraging resources and funding to deliver programs at low cost to reach broad audiences.

If you’d like more information on past and current projects, please contact Committee Chair Ely O’Connor at 503.681.4463 or explore our Annual Report 2022-23 (PDF).