Design & Construction Standards

Clean Water Services' Design and Construction Standards describe the administrative and technical requirements for the design and construction of residential or commercially developed sanitary and surface water management systems, erosion control methods and vegetated corridors. 

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Design & Construction Standards Update

Standards are periodically revised to incorporate changes in permits, and to reflect new technologies, approaches and development patterns. Learn more about the process, timeline and key topics. 

Current Design & Construction Standards

Design & Construction Standards
  • Chapter 1 (PDF, 103KB) - General Requirements & Administrative Provisions
  • Chapter 2 (PDF, 119KB) - Administrative Procedures 
  • Chapter 3 (PDF, 190KB) - Sensitive Areas and Vegetated Corridors
  • Chapter 4 (PDF, 124KB) - Runoff Treatment and Control
  • Chapter 5 (PDF, 115KB) - Conveyance Design
  • Chapter 6 (PDF, 87KB) - Erosion Prevention and Sediment Control
  • Chapter 7 (PDF, 89KB) - General Construction Specifications
  • Chapter 8 (PDF, 116KB) - Technical Specifications for Conveyance Systems
  • Chapter 9 (PDF, 229KB) - Wastewater Pump Stations and Force Mains
  • Chapter 10 (PDF, 69KB) - Septic Tank Effluent Pump (STEP) Systems
  • Appendix A (PDF, 93KB) - Planting Requirements
  • Appendix B (PDF, 96KB) - Standard Details Index
Standard Details
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Low Impact Development Approaches Handbook

Clean Water Services and its partners completed the Low Impact Development Approaches (LIDA) Handbook to promote sustainable development practices for the Tualatin River Watershed in 2009. The LIDA Handbook is a supplement to the Clean Water Services' Design and Construction Standards and is to be used in conjunction with the Standards, other applicable regulations and local codes. 

Erosion Control Manual 

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