Process for Developers

Developing a larger area with multiple buildings, commercial construction, partitions or sub-divisions? Permit reviews will be necessary, find tools for the process here.

If your project is located in one of the larger member cities (Beaverton, Cornelius, Forest Grove, Hillsboro, Sherwood, Tigard or Tualatinyou will need to continue the process with that city to obtain the appropriate permits. If your project is in Clean Water Services' jurisdiction or in a smaller city (Banks, Gaston, Durham, King City or North Plains) you will need to obtain the appropriate permits from CWS first before getting permits from your county.

Projects in Unincorporated Areas

Clean Water Services' jurisdiction or in the cities of Banks, Gaston, Durham, King City or North Plains.

Step 1: All projects require Environmental Review.

Step 2: Once Land Use has been approved by Washington Co. submit a Site Development Permit Application.

Step 3: Once a Site Permit is issued, construction can begin. Call for inspection.

Projects in Cities

BeavertonCorneliusForest GroveHillsboroSherwoodTigard or Tualatin

Step 1: All projects require Environmental Review

Step 2: Contact your city for Land Use and Permit Review. 

Step 3: Your city will work with us to make sure standards are met. This process includes an oversight review and authorization for permits.

Step 4: Once your city issues permits, construction can begin and city staff will inspect the project.

*For projects in the cities of Tualatin and Tigard, Clean Water Services staff will complete the Erosion Control Inspection.  

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