1200-C Review Status

Number Name Applicant Status As-Of Date
Tigard ASHBROOK VILLAS Andersen, Marc Allen Permit Issued 08/04/2021
Tigard ARRAY (HOODVIEW TERRACE) APARTMENTS Andrews Management Ltd Permit Issued 08/16/2021
9912 HOSFORD FARMS, PHASES 1,4,5,& 6 Arroyo Cap Ii-1, Llc *Jeffrey Brouelette* Permit Issued previous 1200-c per Marvin 08/05/2021
Tigard WESTON OAKS 17-LOT SUBDIVISION Chapman, Sharon R Trust & Chapman/Manson Family Trust Permit Issued 09/02/2021
Hillsboro CHICK-FIL-A TV HIGHWAY Chick-Fil-A Inc Info Rec'd from Applicant 09/16/2021
Hillsboro AMBERGLEN LOT 35 APARTMENTS Crp/Fpc Amberglen Apartments Owner Llc Complete Submittal 06/17/2021
Sherwood TUALATIN SHERWOOD ROAD IMPROVEMENTS Dti Properties Llc Info Requested incomplete submittal 05/26/2021
Forest Grove STITES PARK Forest Grove, City Of Info Requested 09/08/2021
Forest Grove GALES CREEK TERRACE 3 Gales Creek Development Llc Permit Issued 09/22/2021
Forest Grove GALES CREEK TERRACE NO 4 Gales Creek Development Llc Permit Issued 09/22/2021
Tigard TERRACE GLEN APARTMENTS Gethsemane Evangelical Lutheran Church Info Requested 09/20/2021
Hillsboro REEDS CROSSING PHASE 3 Glc-South Hillsboro Llc Info Rec'd from Applicant 07/02/2021
Hillsboro REEDS CROSSING 3B (PHASE 10) Glc-South Hillsboro Llc Permit Issued 07/28/2021
10079 LAIDLAW MEADOWS Hartwell Homes *John Hartwell* Permit Issued 08/12/2021
Hillsboro KIRKLAND PREMIER STORAGE Hillsboro Development Group West Llc Permit Issued 08/27/2021
Hillsboro WEST PARK IV Intercontinental Medical Services Inc Permit Issued 09/03/2021
Hillsboro KRUSSMAN 11-LOT PUD Krussman, Harry & Joanne Liv Trust Permit Issued 08/19/2021
10137 BRYNHILL PHASE 2 Lennar Portland Homebuilding Division Permit Issued 08/18/2021
10144 LEUPOLD & STEVENS WAREHOUSE Leupold & Stevens Inc Permit Issued 09/01/2021
Forest Grove MGC EXPANSION Mgc Pure Chemicals America Inc Permit Issued 08/25/2021
Hillsboro QTS DC2 Multiple Permit Issued filed as revision 09/16/2021
Hillsboro TAXIWAY A REHAB Multiple Permit Issued 07/27/2021
10085 LAIDLAW MEADOW ESTATES Nw Engineers Llc *Elizabeth Newman* Permit Issued 08/09/2021
Beaverton BEAVERTON RCF Paguio, Aristotle & Paguio, Maria L Info Rec'd from Applicant 01/11/2021
Hillsboro ROSEDALE PARKS NO. 13 Pahlisch Homes At Rosedale Parks Lp Permit Issued 08/25/2021
Tualatin LU PACIFIC DEVELOPMENT BUILDING Powin Qbf Llc Permit Issued 09/03/2021
Tigard WWSP WASHINGTON SQUARE STAGING AREA Ppr Washington Square Llc Permit Issued 08/19/2021
Beaverton SOUTH COOPER MOUNTAIN HEIGHTS PHASE 2B Rd Scholls Lc & Dyches Family Llc & Dp4 Llc Et Al Permit Issued 08/25/2021
Beaverton SOUTH COOPER MOUNTAIN HEIGHTS PHASE 3 Rd Scholls Lc & Dyches Family Llc & Dp4 Llc Et Al Permit Issued 08/25/2021
10133 TRILLIUM WOODS Sage Built Homes, Llc *Cale Doney* Permit Issued 08/23/2021
Sherwood CEDAR CREEK TRAIL Sherwood, City Of Info Requested 10/07/2020
Tigard STEADFAST SENIOR LIVING Steadfast Tigard Senior Llc Permit Issued 09/16/2021
Tigard DIRKSEN NATURE PARK TRAIL & PARKING LOT IMPROVEMENTS Tigard, City Of Permit Issued 09/21/2021
Beaverton WALKER ROAD - SCHENDEL TO BUTNER Tualatin Hills Park & Recreation District Permit Issued 09/22/2021
Hillsboro VERIZON MEC EXPANSION Verizon Wireless (Vaw) Llc Permit Issued 09/14/2021
Tigard WALL STREET BUILDING C Wall Street South Llc Permit Issued 09/09/2021
10122 GARDEN TERRACE SUBDIVISION Westwood Homes Llc *Bill Wagoner* Permit Issued 08/03/2021
Sherwood WWSP WATER TREATMENT PLANT Willamette Water Supply System Commission Info Requested 07/06/2021
Beaverton WALKER MURRAY IMPROVEMENTS Info Requested 05/21/2021
Beaverton WALKER ROAD PHASE 3 185TH TO 173RD Info Requested 07/29/2021
Tigard MAIN STREET PHASE 2 IMPROVEMENTS Info Rec'd from Applicant 09/15/2021
Beaverton WWSP MPE 1.2 Info Requested 09/22/2021

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