Turn Your Yard into a Natural Oasis with Native Plants

Plants that evolved in our region are not only attractive to people and wildlife, they also tend to be gloriously low maintenance — requiring less water and few chemicals. Native plants are resistant to pests and diseases but beloved by birds, butterflies, and other beneficial creatures, and they help reduce erosion and protect water quality.

Early spring and fall are the best times to get native plants and seeds into the ground, allowing them to settle in and grow roots ahead of the dry Pacific Northwest summer. Get started by exploring more than 200 of Oregon’s native plants to find the best fit for your garden and landscape with a little help from the OregonFlora website. Prepare for any planting by removing non-native invasive species.

Spring 2022 native plant sales and learning opportunities include:

Dig even deeper into ways to help keep our water clean in your yard and neighborhood by exploring our Community Resources.



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