Learning at Home

A break from school doesn’t have to mean a break from learning. Your classroom can be as close as the back yard, local park, or even your kitchen.

Below are a few resources and activities to help keep your mind and body active. 



  • Nature Sit Spot – Sit quietly for 15 – 30 minutes to learn more about the animals and nature around you. The ideal sit spot is close to your home (or even in your yard), has animal activity, and is safe. When you’re done, jot down or draw what you observed.
  • Storm Drain Scavenger Hunt – Explore the One Water Cycle website, then print a map of your neighborhood using Google (or make your own). Head outside and see if you can find the storm drains in your neighborhood and mark them on your map. 
  • Bird and Nature Surveys – Check out several self-guided nature activities in English and Spanish from our friends at Tualatin Hills Parks and Recreation.
  • Build a Water Filter – A step-by-step guide to making a super strainer with stuff around the house.

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