Business Partners Recognized for Environmental Achievement

April 6, 2017

Clean Water Services fourth annual Pretreatment Awards ceremony took place Wednesday, April 5 at the Hillsboro Library to recognize industrial customers that completed 2016 with a perfect compliance record. Forty Washington County industries—from microchip manufacturers to food processors—received awards for efforts made in 2016 to keep harmful materials out of local waterways. Fujimi Corporation was announced as the winner of the Environmental Excellence Award for its innovative approach to energy reduction, cutting the number of air compressors used in one process from seven to three. The winning industries are divided into three tiers, depending on the amount of used water that flows out of their facilities; the number of pollutants they handle; and their risk exposure, from a water pretreatment perspective. Fujimi Corporation falls into the “Tier II” category, which is for industries with medium flow, several pollutants, and medium risk.

Visit our Industrial Awards Program page to learn more and see the complete list of 2016 awardees. 

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