Scoggins Dam Drilling Underway

April 22, 2016

Equipment staging at the base of Scoggins Dam.The Bureau of Reclamation began drilling on the downstream face of Scoggins Dam this week to refine information on the seismic stability of the dam embankment and foundation. Crews will drill soil samples at 12 sites along the dam over the next several months and the public should be aware of construction equipment traffic.

Scoggins Dam was built in 1978 and is the central component of Washington County’s water supply and a major regional asset. It uses water from Hagg Lake to support more than 250,000 jobs, provide drinking water for nearly 400,000 residents, irrigate 17,000 acres of cropland, and sustain water quality in the Tualatin River to protect fish and wildlife habitats.

Reclamation is working closely with Clean Water Services and other water managers to evaluate design concepts that will strengthen the dam against a major earthquake and meet the water needs of the community. To learn more about this joint project, visit the new water supply website.

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