Be a Clean Water Hero! Take simple actions at home and in your community that have a huge impact on our quality of life.

When it rains, what goes on the ground, goes into the river. The water that hits your roof and lawn may pick up oil, sediment, bacteria, grease and chemicals that can pollute our neighborhood streams and the Tualatin River. Making a positive impact can be as easy as finding stream-friendly solutions for your roof, home and lawn or using free tools to restore our watershed. Property owners in our service area can also get free native plants for their yard. Want a more personalized approach? Our Clean Water Hero resources can help you create your own water-friendly landscape. If you live near a creek or wetland, explore our digital creek kit for resources to keep your watershed healthy.

Property owner in our service area? You may be eligible to receive free native plants.

Streamside Stewardship Program

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