From the rain to the river to the faucet at home, our water moves in one big cycle. Help keep it clean by keeping pipe-clogging waste out of drains. 

Find helpful tools and tips to avoid a pain in the drain. Saving time and money is as easy as learning how to dispose of household items including the most notorious drain-cloggers like cleaning wipes and cooking grease.

Can the Wipes

Many products are labeled and marketed as “flushable” but can wreak havoc on pipes. Learn more about how to save time and money by using the trash, not the toilet.  

Freeze the Grease

Cooking grease, gravy, oil and sauces may look harmless as a liquid, but once they go down the drain they cool and stick to your pipes, causing clogs and backups. Get tools to combat the fat.

The Tualatin River is the only major natural water resource for Washington County.

The Tualatin River

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