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Sewage Monitoring Tracks COVID-19

Clean Water Services (CWS) is tracking signs of COVID-19 in Washington County’s wastewater, and throughout the pandemic has been collaborating on research projects to help public health officials detect the presence and scope of the virus in other communities.
A Clean Water Services employee working in the lab. The employee wears a white lab coat, a protective mask, gloves, and a baseball cap. He pours liquid into a glass beaker

Statement Regarding Meriwether Golf Course

“Rumors have emerged on social media erroneously stating that Clean Water Services has purchased the Meriwether Golf Course and will be shutting it down,” said Meriwether owner Bill Saunders.
White golf ball near hole on green grass good for background with sunlight and lens flare effect. Golf ball on green grass near hole golf to win in game at golf course with sunset background.

COVID-19 Updates

We continue to keep your safety and health at the forefront — so all of us have clean water for drinking, washing our hands, and helping prevent the spread of the coronavirus.
A Clean water services employee adds material into test tubes in the lab onsite.