Derry Dell Creek Enhancement Project

Good things happen when partners work together. By collaborating in 2014 on this $1.8 million project, the City of Tigard and Clean Water Services restored Derry Dell Creek to the vibrant ecosystem that is beginning to thrive.

Projected Vegetation by 2025

Like many urban streams, Derry Dell Creek suffered from increasing runoff that incised the channel and eroded the banks so severely that an important sanitary sewer main was at risk and adjacent landowners were rapidly losing property. The project restored and enhanced riparian and wetland area at the confluence of Derry Dell and Fanno Creeks, realigning and restoring 1,120 feet of degraded, channelized, and incised stream channel. Additionally, the project enhanced 0.62 acres of wetland and floodplain, creating an additional 56,000 cubic feet of extra floodplain storage. Some 5.1 acres of the site were revegetated with native plant species, and wildlife habitats were created with the installation of over 90 pieces of large wood in the creek channel and floodplain.

Results of the Derry Dell Enhancement Project:

  • Enhanced wetlands to improve water quality & stream health
  • Restored floodplain function to reduce downstream flooding & erosion
  • Connected the regional Pathfinder—Genesis trails with a boardwalk increasing pedestrian safety and providing a safe route to schools
  • Moved the creek away from homes, where it was damaging property
  • Removed multiple fish barriers, allowing fish to move upstream
  • Replaced sewer and pipes exposed by erosion
  • Saved ratepayer dollars through a strategic partnership



Award Winning

The Derry Dell Enhancement Project won the Oregon State Land Board’s Stream Project Award in 2014, and was highlighted at the Tualatin Watershed Council and at the 2015 Portland Urban Ecology Conservation Symposium poster session.

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