Step-By-Step Process

If you are planning a project in Clean Water Services' jurisdiction we are here to work with you. If your project is in BeavertonCorneliusForest GroveHillsboroSherwoodTigard or Tualatin you will need to work with your city. The permitting process is intended to be comprehensive and depending on project scope, may include review for environmental, sanitary, stormwater and erosion control impacts.

Questions? Request a Pre-Design Meeting (PDF, 132KB) or call the Permit Counter at 503.681.5100. 

Process for Homeowners 

Any construction on your property including remodeling, adding a deck, driveway or fence, re-landscaping or demolition will require review. Exceptions to this review include any interior remodel that doesn't change the footprint of the structure, doesn't alter the ground or increase impervious surface. Before you begin any project call the Oregon Utility Notification Center at 811 before you dig. 

Projects in Unincorporated Areas 

For projects in Clean Water Services' jurisdiction or in the cities of Banks, Gaston, Durham, King City or North Plains, please complete the  Pre-Screen Form to give us the information we need to start the Environmental Review and Limited Development Review

Projects in Cities

If you live in BeavertonCorneliusForest GroveHillsboroSherwoodTigard or Tualatin Clean Water Services will only complete the Environmental Review. Contact your city directly for all other permits.

Process for Developers 

Developing a larger area with multiple buildings, commercial construction, partitions or sub-divisions? Permit reviews will be necessary, find tools for the process.

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