City Plan Review Status

Number Name Applicant Status As-Of Date Submittals
BEAVERTON Black Rock Coffee - Garden Home City Of Beaverton Approved 01/12/2017
CU2015-0012 Cedar Hills Crossing Ii, Phase 1 City Of Beaverton Approved 12/27/2016
BEAVERTON Fred Meyer Fuel Center No 35 City Of Beaverton Approved 02/08/2017
SD2016-0011 Hall Boulevard 15-Lot Subdivision City Of Beaverton Approved 12/06/2016
DR2015-0071 South Cooper Mountain Heights Phases 1 & 4 City Of Beaverton Review on/before 27-FEB-17 02/13/2017 2
BEAVERTON Trillium Woods Apartments City Of Beaverton Approved 12/19/2016
FOREST GROVE Cedar Manor Apartments City Of Forest Grove Approved 01/12/2017
FOREST GROVE Dmh New Building City Of Forest Grove Approved 01/05/2017
FOREST GROVE Doherty Ford Body Shop Addition City Of Forest Grove Approved 12/09/2016
TAY001: 15-01 Green Grove Co-Housing City Of Forest Grove Approved 12/13/2016
FOREST GROVE Lundahl Industrial Park City Of Forest Grove Approved 11/25/2016
FOREST GROVE Masonic Grand Lodge Library City Of Forest Grove Review on/before 08-MAR-17 02/15/2017 1
FOREST GROVE Napa Auto Parts Addition City Of Forest Grove Approved 01/23/2017
DR-051-16 Amberglen Ogi Suncap Phase 1 City Of Hillsboro Review on/before 08-MAR-17 02/15/2017 2
EC-0070-16 Baseline Road New Residence City Of Hillsboro Approved 11/30/2016
DR-006-16 Brighton Place Apartments City Of Hillsboro Review on/before 20-FEB-17 01/30/2017 1
CU-001-16/DR-005-16 Buddhist Temple City Of Hillsboro Approved 11/21/2016
EC-0025-16/PIP-0017-16 Century Blvd Extension City Of Hillsboro Approved 11/23/2016
HILLSBORO Cornelius Pass Roadway Extension-Storm City Of Hillsboro Review on/before 07-JUN-16 05/16/2016 4
DR 10-13 Five Oaks Lot 11 City Of Hillsboro Approved 02/16/2017
DR-017-16 Get Space Storage - Witch Hazel City Of Hillsboro Approved 12/02/2016
DR-020-15 Kalyan Hospitality City Of Hillsboro Approved 02/06/2017
DR-018-16 Majestic Brookwood Lots 3 & 4 City Of Hillsboro Approved 12/16/2016
DR-042-16 Orenco Flats Phase 2 City Of Hillsboro Review on/before 28-FEB-17 02/07/2017 1
PUD-006-15 Reeds Crossing City Of Hillsboro Info Requested 05/19/2016 1
PUD-003-16 Savannah Crossing 8-Lot Subdivision City Of Hillsboro Approved 12/01/2016
DR-020-16 Standard Tanasbourne Parking Expansion City Of Hillsboro Info Requested 01/31/2017 0
DR-040-15 Washington County Psb Seismic Retrofit City Of Hillsboro Approved 12/12/2016
EC-0065-16, PUP16-00046 West Coast Coffee City Of Hillsboro Approved 11/28/2016
DR-074-16 Willamette Water Supply Pipeline Temp Staging Area City Of Hillsboro Approved 02/13/2017
PUD-004-15 Witch Hazel Pointe City Of Hillsboro Approved 11/22/2016
SHERWOOD Division Street Sanitary Rehabilitation City Of Sherwood Approved 02/14/2017
SP 16-05/CUP 16-02 Olds Place Truck Repair City Of Sherwood Approved 12/09/2016
SP 15-04 Woodhaven Park Phase Ii City Of Sherwood Info Requested 04/28/2016 1
SP 16-02 Zenport Industrial Building City Of Sherwood Approved 12/29/2016
MLP 2016-00002 Csokas 3-Parcel Partition City Of Tigard Approved 12/13/2016
SDR 2015-00005 Hall Pointe Townhomes City Of Tigard Info Requested 02/15/2017 0
SDR 2016-00003 Interstate Roofing City Of Tigard Info Requested 02/14/2017 2
SUB2016-00003 Madeline Heights City Of Tigard Approved 12/16/2016
PDR 2016-00007, SUB 2016-00005 River Terrace East No. 2 City Of Tigard Info Requested 10/05/2016 2
TUALATIN Airgas Material Storage City Of Tualatin Approved 02/15/2017
PAR16-0001 Burchill 2-Parcel Partition City Of Tualatin Approved 11/29/2016
AR-14-03 Leveton Commons Industrial Building City Of Tualatin Approved 01/26/2017
TUALATIN Sagert Farms Right Of Way City Of Tualatin Approved 01/31/2017
TUALATIN Sagert Farms Trail City Of Tualatin Approved 02/02/2017
TUALATIN Saum Creek Trail City Of Tualatin Approved 02/02/2017

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