1200-C Review Status

Number Name Applicant Status As-Of Date
Beaverton HAACK SANITARY SEWER EXTENSION Bartholemy, Ed Info Requested 12/27/2019
Sherwood MIDDLEBROOK 145-LOT SUBDIVISION Brookman Development Llc Info Rec'd from Applicant 03/27/2020
Hillsboro CENTURY BOULEVARD CROSSING Bruce Chevrolet Inc Permit Issued 02/10/2020
10025 OES ATHLETIC CENTER Cardno *Spencer Cook* Permit Issued 03/05/2020
10023 GHOST CREEK AND WEST UNION PEDESTRIAN IMPROVEMENTS City Of North Plains Permit Issued 03/04/2020
Forest Grove CWS FOREST GROVE WWTF SECONDARY CLARIFIERS Clean Water Services Permit Issued 03/30/2020
Beaverton VINEYARDS AT COOPER MOUNTAIN Cooper Mountain Vineyards Llc & Info Requested 11/25/2019
Hillsboro INTEL SHUTE ROAD TEMPORARY PARKING & STAGING AREA Fei Company Complete Submittal 03/09/2020
Hillsboro THERMO FISHER ADDITION Fei Company Info Requested 03/27/2020
Hillsboro REEDS CROSSING 1C - CORNELIUS PASS ROAD, BLANTON TO KINNAMAN Glc-South Hillsboro Llc Permit Issued 124763 Revision 02/21/2020
Hillsboro REEDS CROSSING 1C EAST Glc-South Hillsboro Llc Permit Issued 03/04/2020
Hillsboro REEDS CROSSING PHASE 1B NORTH Glc-South Hillsboro Llc Rec'd from DEQ w/o comments Target CWS Review Date 3/27/2020 03/25/2020
Hillsboro RIVER BEND NO. 2 26-LOT SUBDIVISION Hale, Robert I & Permit Issued 03/20/2020
Hillsboro HSD JOB TRAILER Hillsboro School Dist 1j Info Requested 06/13/2019
Hillsboro GLENCOE HS NORTH LOT Hillsboro School Dist 1j Permit Issued 03/17/2020
Hillsboro PGE BUTLER SUBSTATION Intel Corporation Submitted to DEQ Due back from DEQ approx. 4/2/2020 03/16/2020
Hillsboro INTEL RA ASU #2 ELECTRICAL BUILDING Intel Corporation Permit Issued 03/30/2020
Hillsboro INTEL RA DUCT BANK Intel Corporation Info Rec'd from Applicant 03/23/2020
Beaverton PETERKORT STATION PARKING LOT J Peterkort & Company Submitted to DEQ Due back from DEQ approx. 9/11/2019 09/09/2019
Sherwood DENALI MEADOWS 13-LOT PLANNED DEVELOPMENT Jt Roth Construction Inc Permit Issued 03/10/2020
10047 RICHARDS RIDGE Kent & Nancy Richards Properties *Kent Richards* Permit Issued 03/16/2020
Hillsboro MAJESTIC SOUTH HUFFMAN II Majestic Westmark Partners Llc Info Rec'd from Applicant 03/24/2020
Tigard DARTMOUTH APARTMENTS Mbg Llc Info Requested 02/27/2020
Hillsboro MILLENNIUM DEVELOPMENT 2-PARCEL PARTITION Millennium Properties Investment Permit Issued EC approved with Cedar Tree Hotel 02/20/2020
Tualatin COMMONS ON THE TUALATIN Nyberg Road Property Llc Info Requested 01/31/2020
Hillsboro BUTTERNUT CREEK PHASES 4 & 5 Pahlisch Homes At Butternut Cree Info Rec'd from Applicant 03/23/2020
10020 GONCZI PARTITION Pdx Restoration Group Llc Permit Issued 02/14/2020
10031 BARBARA WOODS SUBDIVISION Pioneer Design Group, Inc *T C Campbell* Permit Issued 03/30/2020
10026 BETHANY CROSSING POND FILL GRADING EC ONLY Polygon Wlh Llc Permit Issued 03/20/2020
Sherwood PGE LINEMAN TRAINING FACILITY Portland General Electric Co Info Rec'd from Applicant 03/17/2020
Beaverton SCHOLLS HEIGHTS PHASE 1B South Cooper Mountain Owner Llc Info Rec'd from Applicant 03/19/2020
Tigard GAARDE MEADOWS APARTMENT ADDITION Totonchy Family Properties Llc Info Requested 02/04/2020
Beaverton FOX HOLLOW ESTATES Tri-County Investments Llc Info Requested 10/03/2019
10037 BONNIE MEADOWS AREA PARK Tualatin Hills Park And Recreation District *Rene' Brucker* Permit Issued 02/13/2020

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