1200-C Review Status

Number Name Applicant Status As-Of Date
Beaverton SCHOLLS VALLEY HEIGHTS AT COOPER MOUNTAIN Bartholemy, Edmund J Submitted to DEQ Due back from DEQ approx. 2/28/2019 02/11/2019
Tigard FORAN HILLS 15-LOT SUBDIVISION Bull Mountain Llc Info Rec'd from Applicant 02/14/2019
Hillsboro CWS PARKING LOT EXPANSION Clean Water Services Info Requested 02/20/2019
Hillsboro REEDS CROSSING TEMPORARY STAGING AREA Glc-South Hillsboro Llc Info Requested Need to replace 1200-CN notes with 1200-C notes 01/02/2019
Hillsboro WWSP CORNELIUS PASS ROAD Glc-South Hillsboro Llc Info Requested 08/30/2018
Hillsboro REEDS CROSSING PHASE 1A WELCOME CENTER PARKING LOT Glc-South Hillsboro Llc Permit Issued 02/01/2019
Hillsboro HSD JOB TRAILER Hillsboro School Dist 1j Info Requested 01/16/2019
Hillsboro REEDS CROSSING PHASE 4-POD F Hillsboro School Dist 1j Permit Issued 02/08/2019
Sherwood MIDDLETON ESTATES SUBDIVISION Kemmer Ridge Llc Permit Issued 01/10/2019
Tigard RED CEDAR ESTATES 7-LOT SUBDIVISION Lfii 74 Llc Permit Issued 12/28/2018
Sherwood LONDON ESTATES SUBDIVISION London Estates Llc Info Requested 09/07/2018
Hillsboro HYATT HOUSE HOTEL - MAJESTIC Majestic Hillsboro Brookwood Llc Permit Issued 12/27/2018
Hillsboro MAJESTIC BROOKWOOD LOT 2- 3-PARCEL PARTITION Majestic Hillsboro Brookwood Llc Info Requested 12/11/2018
9889 KEMMER MEADOWS NO. 2 Mission Homes Northwest Llc Complete Submittal 06/11/2018
Hillsboro ROYAL MOORE CAR INVENTORY LOT Moore, Royal D Ii Permit Issued 12/31/2018
Hillsboro HILLSBORO AIRPORT RUNWAY Multiple Info Rec'd from Applicant 01/24/2019
Cornelius CORNELIUS STORAGE Multiple Info Rec'd from Applicant 02/14/2019
Beaverton JENKINS ROAD WIDENING Nike Inc Info Requested 02/14/2019
Hillsboro PGE SHUTE-WEST UNION TRANSMISSION LINE Oregon, State Of Dept Of Transpo Info Requested See email comment 05/21/2018
Hillsboro ROSEDALE PARKS PUD PHASE 8 Pahlisch Homes At Reserve Golf F Permit Issued 01/28/2019
Tigard SOUTH RIVER TERRACE Polygon Wlh Llc Info Rec'd from Applicant 01/23/2019
9853 VICTORIA LANDING Riverside Homes, Llc Complete Submittal 06/11/2018
Tigard BRIGHTWOOD 8-LOT SUBDIVISION Venture Properties Inc Permit Issued 02/04/2019
9941 ALEXANDER SUBDIVISION Zf & Sk Development & Construction Llc *Sunny Kim* Permit Issued 12/27/2018

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