1200-C Review Status

Number Name Applicant Status As-Of Date
Cornelius HOLLADAY STREET INDUSTRIAL 495 Llc Permit Issued 11/27/2020
Forest Grove RESERVE AT FERN HILL APARTMENTS Albertson'S Stores Sub Llc Permit Issued 10/10/2020
Beaverton HAACK SANITARY SEWER EXTENSION Bartholemy, Ed Info Requested 12/27/2019
10087 PCC DEALER SERVICES TECHNOLOGY BUILDING Cida Architects & Engineers *Colony Weyrauch* Permit Issued 10/12/2020
Beaverton VINEYARDS AT COOPER MOUNTAIN Cooper Mountain Vineyards Llc & Info Requested 07/31/2020
Beaverton BEAVERTON SENIOR LIVING First Cascades Investments Llc Info Requested 10/21/2020
Hillsboro STARR BLVD AND EVERGREEN ROAD IMPROVEMENTS Genentech Inc Info Rec'd from Applicant 11/23/2020
Hillsboro PROJECT BA T Hillsboro Economic Development C Permit Issued 10/10/2020
Hillsboro 30TH AND HUFFMAN CIP ROAD EXTENSION Hillsboro Economic Development C Submitted to DEQ Due back from DEQ approx. 11/29/2020 11/12/2020
Hillsboro LADD ACRES ES GYM ADDITION Hillsboro School Dist 1j Permit Issued 10/14/2020
Hillsboro INTEL RA ASU #3 Intel Corporation Permit Issued 1200-C revision to existing 11/20/2020
Cornelius CARLS JR BASELINE Kb Land Development Co Llc Info Rec'd from Applicant 11/12/2020
Forest Grove PACIFIC GROVE Pacific Development Holdings Llc Permit Issued 09/30/2020
Hillsboro PGE NORTH PATHWAY Qts Investment Properties Hillsb Info Rec'd from Applicant 11/12/2020
Sherwood CEDAR CREEK TRAIL Sherwood, City Of Info Requested 10/07/2020
10101 H.D. FOWLER - NORTH PLAINS The Land Group Inc *Melissa Drew* Info Rec'd from Applicant 09/30/2020
Tigard ART RUTKIN SCHOOL 2-PARCEL PARTITION Tigard-Tualatin School District *Philip Wentz* Submitted to DEQ Due back from DEQ approx. 11/15/2020 10/29/2020
Tigard GAARDE MEADOWS APARTMENT ADDITION Totonchy Family Properties Llc Info Requested 02/04/2020
Beaverton FOX HOLLOW ESTATES Tri-County Investments Llc Info Requested 07/31/2020
10100 THPRD HIGHLANDS PARK Zucker Engineering & Design *Adam Zucker* Permit Issued 10/21/2020
Beaverton WESTERN AVENUE IMPROVEMENTS Info Rec'd from Applicant 10/20/2020

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