1200-C Review Status

Number Name Applicant Status As-Of Date
Tigard TRIANGLE MEDICAL OFFICE BUILDING Base Camp I Llc Info Rec'd from Applicant 10/09/2019
Beaverton PATRICIA RESER CENTER FOR THE ARTS Beaverton Urban Redevelopment Ag Permit Issued 09/26/2019
Tualatin HAZELBROOK ESTATES 5-LOT SUBDIVISION Bosak, Robert E & Info Rec'd from Applicant 10/09/2019
Hillsboro CENTURY BOULEVARD CROSSING Bruce Chevrolet Inc Info Requested 04/16/2019
Tualatin LMC TETON BUILDING ADDITION Cjd Holdings Llc Permit Issued 10/16/2019
Beaverton HERTZ RENTAL CAR STORAGE YARD Elkridge Estates Properties Llc Info Rec'd from Applicant 09/18/2019
Hillsboro WEST EVERGREEN BUSINESS CENTER PARTITION Emmert, Terry W Permit Issued 09/16/2019
Hillsboro CENTURY BLVD NEW INDUSTRIAL BUILDING Fiber Sensys Inc Permit Issued 08/30/2019
Sherwood COPPER COURT 7-LOT SUBDIVISION Fillmore Revoc Liv Trust Info Rec'd from Applicant 10/16/2019
9998 GASTON HEIGHTS - PHASE 2 Gaston Heights Llc *Tim Mcdonald* Permit Issued 08/29/2019
Hillsboro REEDS CROSSING TEMPORARY STAGING AREA Glc-South Hillsboro Llc Info Requested Need to replace 1200-CN notes with 1200-C notes 01/02/2019
Hillsboro REED DRIVE Glc-South Hillsboro Llc Permit Issued 08/30/2019
Hillsboro REEDS CROSSING TC STORM LINE Glc-South Hillsboro Llc Permit Issued 10/18/2019
Tualatin COLUMBIA ROOFING BUILDING ADDITION Gray Alfa Llc Permit Issued 10/18/2019
Beaverton VINEYARDS AT COOPER MOUNTAIN Gross, Robert J Info Rec'd from Applicant 07/05/2019
Hillsboro HSD JOB TRAILER Hillsboro School Dist 1j Info Requested 06/13/2019
10015 ES 28 NORTH PLAINS NEW SCHOOL Hillsboro School Dist 1j Permit Issued 09/20/2019
Hillsboro HIDDEN CREEK ROAD EXTENSION Hillsboro, City Of Permit Issued 08/29/2019
Beaverton PETERKORT STATION PARKING LOT J Peterkort & Company Submitted to DEQ Due back from DEQ approx. 9/11/2019 09/09/2019
Beaverton LIFE TIME FITNESS BEAVERTON Ltf Real Estate Co Inc Info Rec'd from Applicant 10/14/2019
Hillsboro CEDAR TREE HOTEL Millennium Properties Investment Permit Issued 09/17/2019
Hillsboro REEDS CROSSING, TRACT W, STOCKPILE Multiple Permit Issued 09/13/2019
Tigard SOUTH RIVER TERRACE Polygon Wlh Llc Info Requested 02/12/2019
Tualatin PGE INTEGRATED OPERATIONS CENTER Portland General Electric Co Permit Issued 09/10/2019
Tualatin SAGERT GROVE 7-LOT SUBDIVISION Sagert 45 Llc Info Requested 03/25/2019
Tigard DONNA PARK 6-LOT SUBDIVISION Scottco Building & Design Inc Info Rec'd from Applicant 10/17/2019
Tigard TOPPING CORNER PLANNED DEVELOPMENT Stafford Development Co Llc Permit Issued 10/15/2019
Beaverton KIRKLAND PLACE Timberland Hotel Ventures & Hold Info Requested 10/14/2019
10019 SKYLODGE AT TOUCHMARK - GRADING Touchmark In The West Hills, Llc *Rick Wessell* Permit Issued 09/19/2019
Beaverton FOX HOLLOW ESTATES Tri-County Investments Llc Info Requested 10/03/2019

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