Design & Construction Standards Update

Phase 2 News and Updates

District staff held a kickoff meeting for Phase 2 on August 8, 2017. Partners and members of the public attended the event to get context on the hydromodification requirement and reviewed the process for Phase 2 of the Design & Construction Standards update. View the slides (PDF, 3.3MB) from this presentation to learn more.

Update Process 

Clean Water Services works with our community and partners to provide cost-effective and environmentally sensitive management of water resources for the Tualatin River Watershed. Part of that work is to provide Design & Construction Standards for sanitary sewer and surface water management that are periodically revised. The update process is necessary to incorporate changes in permits, and to reflect new technologies, approaches and development patterns. On March 28, 2017, the Board of Directors adopted the revised Design & Construction Standards (R&O 17-05). The revised Standards took effect April 22, 2017. A second update process is currently underway to develop a hydromodification strategy for Board adoption in spring 2019. 

Update process timeline as it relates to permit requirements.


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