Design & Construction Standards Update

Feedback Requested

Drafts of Chapter 1: General Requirements Administrative Provisions (PDF, 74KB) and Chapter 2: Administrative Procedures (PDF, 187KB) are now available for review and comment.

Feedback on all drafts is requested by Tuesday, February 21 for inclusion in the proposed final draft. Comments will continue to be accepted and considered throughout the update process.

Complete drafts of Chapter 4 (PDF, 1.21MB), Chapter 6 (PDF, 160KB) and Appendix B (PDF, 5.6MB) were previously released and available for review and comment.  

Update Process 

Clean Water Services works with our community and partners to provide cost-effective and environmentally sensitive management of water resources for the Tualatin River Watershed. Part of that work is to provide Design and Construction Standards for sanitary sewer and surface water management that are periodically revised. The update process is necessary to incorporate changes in permits, and to reflect new technologies, approaches and development patterns. 

 Update process timeline as it relates to permit requirements.

Standards Update Process

Phase 1

The first phase will focus on the requirements from our new Watershed Based permit that needs to be implemented in the Standards. These requirements include a new 1,000 square foot impact area, water quality treatment threshold and prioritization of Low Impact Development Approaches (LIDA) as the first
consideration for water quality treatment. Additionally, we will include topics from our extensive 2012/2013 update effort in the first phase. In order to comply with our new permit, we need to complete most of Phase 1 and have adopted standards in place by April 22, 2017 with some of Phase 1 required by April 22, 2018.

The stakeholder outreach will include an initial Public Launch Meeting on September 7, 2016 for general interest followed by a series of meetings/discussions about key topics. These meetings are intended to be cross-stakeholder updates for issues, and discussions of concerns, support and potential options and solutions. Those meetings will occur in fall 2016 with results and draft Standards for review in winter 2016/17. Please check the this webpage for a list of the topic meetings and for project updates.

Phase 1 Anticipated Timeline

Phase 1 Permit Driver Topics

  • Water Quality Threshold 
  • LIDA Prioritization

Phase 1 Other Anticipated Topics


  • LIDA incentives
  • Redevelopment Table 4-1
  • Storm Master Planning
  • Turf fields with underdrains
  • Planting requirements for WQ Facilities

Erosion Control

  • Erosion Control Permit Threshold
  • BMPs for stream/wetland restoration projects


  • Sanitary Conveyance from Private System
  • Storm Connections to Sanitary (example: trash enclosures, wash pads)

Procedural (Housekeeping)

  • Update 1200C/CN language
  • Maintenance Plans
  • Two Year Maintenance Period for Filter Vaults
  • LIDA Lot Submittal Requirements
  • Approved Product List
  • Model Homes
  • Update Standard Details
  • Typo and Reference Corrections
Phase 2

Phase 2 of the update process will focus on meeting the new permit requirement to have hydromodification standards in place by April 22, 2019.



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