World Toilet Day

The toilet—something we take for granted several times a day. It's a startling statistic that nearly 4.5 billion people worldwide either don't have a toilet at home or have one that doesn't safely manage waste. Help raise awareness for World Toilet Day, November 19.

This year's theme focuses on what happens after you flush. The process of containing, transporting and treating wastewater is complex, fascinating and necessary for our health and safety. In an average day, we clean 60 million gallons of wastewater to some of the highest safety and quality standards in the nation. So, it makes sense that we would support World Toilet Day to bring appreciation to the clean water we enjoy—while billions of people suffer without it.

How to Celebrate World Toilet Day

  1. Take a tour. Join us at our Durham Facility at 2:30 pm on Saturday, November 18 for water related games, light snacks and a behind-the-scenes look at how we clean water. RSVP!  
  2. Change your behavior. Wipes, dental floss and other garbage belongs in the trash can, not the toilet. 
  3. Have conversations with your friends and family or share a post using #WorldToiletDay.
  4. Learn more from and

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