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Clean Water Services goes through a budget process from January to June each year to help guide what investments the community will make in water resources management and establish sewer and stormwater rates for the following fiscal year. Our budget and rates support our work in protecting water resources as we look beyond this pandemic and keep up with changing needs. This requires additional investments in aging infrastructure, ensuring our long-term water supply and meeting stricter federal and state pollution control rules.

The CWS Board voted unanimously to approve our Fiscal Year 2021-22 Budget and adopt proposed Rates and Charges during a public hearing on June 15, 2021. This funds CWS operations and $93.6 million of investments to protect public health, the environment and clean water in the Tualatin River Watershed.

Beginning July 1, 2021, the average household the regional sanitary sewer rate increased by $2.07 (4.5%) a month, and the regional surface water management (SWM) fee increased by $0.50 (5.4%) per month. Sanitary system development charges (SDCs) increased from $5,800 to $6,085 per equivalent dwelling unit; SWM SDCs increased from $560 to $585 per equivalent service unit. An SDC is a one-time assessment charged when customers connect to the CWS system.

CWS' Board of Directors sets the regional portion of the sanitary sewer rate and the SWM rate for urban Washington County customers, which is shared proportionally between CWS and its partner cities.

Beginning in July, your bill will reflect the annual adjustment (update) of your sanitary sewer usage average. Sewer usage is based on the average water you used during the previous winter months (November-April). As a result, your sewer usage will be less if you used less water last winter and higher if you used more.

CWS serves more than 620,000 customers of urban Washington County, and the county is expected to add 74,000 people by 2030. Planning well is essential to meet service needs in an effective and cost-efficient manner.

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Sewer & Surface Water Management Charges


Your bill for sewer and/or Surface Water Management from Clean Water Services is for a two-month period. 

The sewer charge has two parts. The base rate is $62.76 per dwelling unit, which is approximately two-thirds of the charge. Single family residences are generally considered one dwelling unit. The usage charge is based on average winter water consumption November through April, which is reviewed and updated each July. Winter water consumption is a good indicator of the wastewater your household produces and discharges into the sewer system for treatment. The usage rate per ccf is $2.08*. New customers will be billed $33.28, based on our average of 16 ccf* and these rates.

The Surface Water Management fee is $19.50 per service unit. Single family residences are generally counted as one service unit, and commercial properties are billed based on a measurement of impervious surface area.

*CCF is an abbreviation for "100 cubic feet." CCF is used as a measurement of water usage and to calculate your bill. There are 748 gallons in one CCF.

Sample Average Two-Month Bill for a Single Family Home
Charges Current Rate
Sewer Base Charge $62.76
Sewer Usage Charge $2.08/ccf
Surface Water Charge $19.50
Combined Average Charge $115.54


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