Regulating Nondomestic Discharges

A new ordinance combines language while updating and clarifying rules to improve the pretreatment program.

Water used by certain types of industrial facilities and sent through the sanitary sewer system must be pretreated to remove particular pollutants before it flows to local resource recovery facilities. Clean Water Services and local industries need to know what pollutants are present in the discharged water, which may need pretreatment in order to protect public health, our facilities and our watershed.

Clean Water Services seeks your input on a new draft ordinance, which combines elements of existing rules while it updates and clarifies domestic and nondomestic wastewater requirements.

The ordinance focuses on the type of water discharged rather than the facility type. This new ordinance also defines domestic waste differently than the previous one to focus on regulating problematic discharges. Learn more about this ordinance through this fact sheet (PDF, 360KB) and guide (PDF, 176KB).

Proposed Nondomestic Waste Ordinance

Clean Water Services encourages interested community members to review the proposed ordinance (PDF, 278KB) and provide comments before September 1, 2020. The document will be updated periodically with public comments and additional information. You may also join our email list to have periodic updates on this ordinance sent to your inbox.

After the review process, Clean Water Services plans to discuss the input with the Clean Water Advisory Committee on September 9, 2020. The final revised draft will be reviewed by the Clean Water Services Board of Directors in late Fall 2020. 


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