Have you seen our employees lately? We're busy working on a variety of projects including stream enhancement, treatment facility upgrades, system improvements, maintenance and more.

Below are a few highlights of our work around the Tualatin River Watershed. Have a question about one of our projects? Check out the information below to learn more. 

Projects for construction and purchasing contracts for other goods and services are listed publicly under bid opportunities and solicitations

West Durham Basin Improvement Program

This series of sanitary sewer pipe and pump projects is a generational investment in the region that will provide service to multiple areas of Washington County. It’s a collaborative effort designed to reduce the impacts of construction on residents as well as parks and natural areas.

Tualatin Basin Dam Safety & Water Supply Project

The residents and businesses in the Tualatin Basin need dependable, safe and secure fresh water to ensure the long-term economic health and livability of our region. Water needs are expected to double in the next 45 years which means an additional 50,000 acre feet of water per year.

Fernhill Wetlands

Fernhill Wetlands is part of more than 700 acres in Forest Grove owned by Clean Water Services and managed in partnership with the City of Forest Grove and Fernhill Wetlands Council. It is also a popular destination for birders who come to see rare migratory birds. The wetlands include Fernhill Lake, Cattail Marsh, Eagle Perch Pond and Dabbler's Marsh, accessible to the public by trails.

Tree for All

Tree for All is a community partnership of cities, nonprofits, farmers, volunteers and others who have joined hands (and shovels) to plant native trees and shrubs along the Tualatin River and its tributaries. Streams lined with native vegetation provide cleaner, cooler water, better flood management, and fish and wildlife habitat. It’s good for Mother Nature and our community!

Butternut Creek Enhancement

Decades ago, Butternut Creek (PDF, 2MB) meandered through forests and farms, swelling in the rainy season and dwindling in the heat. Now, it’s a single-thread, heavily incised creek that is disconnected from the floodplain and lined with invasive reed canary grass.

Derry Dell Creek Enhancement

Good things happen when partners work together. By collaborating in 2014 on this $1.8 million project, the City of Tigard and Clean Water Services restored Derry Dell Creek to the vibrant ecosystem that is beginning to thrive.

North Bethany Enhancement

This collaboration began as an opportunity to maximize efficiency, coordinate infrastructure, and minimize potential conflicts between two distinct projects that overlap geographically. One project involves an extension of the North Bethany Trunk sewer and the other involves exploring and implementing stream restoration and natural treatment along the West Tributary to Abbey Creek to slow and filter stormwater runoff.

Routine Project Work


Clean Water Services and city crews maintain the storm and sewer system by cleaning catch basins, sweeping streets, keeping up water quality facilities and more. Have a question about these activities in your neighborhood? Contact the City or call our Field Operations team at 503.547.8100. 

Water Quality Facilities

If you have questions about a neighborhood swale, or other vegetated area, first check to see if there's a sign listing contact information. If no sign or contact information is available, please contact the City or call our Field Operations team at 503.547.8100.


For questions about a project in your neighborhood where you've seen Clean Water Services' signs, trucks or staff call 503.681.3600.

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