Update to the Stormwater Management Plan

You are invited to provide comment as Clean Water Services updates the Stormwater Management Plan, as part of the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permit renewal process

This renewal requires submittal of a proposed Stormwater Management Plan (SWMP). The broad purpose of a SWMP is to build on local and national stormwater management objectives. CWS' stormwater management plan builds on the District’s 25 years of experience managing stormwater to protect and improve water quality in the Tualatin Basin. The proposed SWMP describes the programs that CWS implements to reduce the discharge of pollutants in stormwater. These programs include controls on dumping and illegal connections and regulation of stormwater discharges from industries, construction sites and developed areas. The SWMP also describes CWS’s public education program, the steps we take to prevent pollution from our facilities, and how we operate and maintain facilities that convey and clean stormwater.

Please read and provide comment on the new proposed Stormwater Management Plan (PDF, 733KB) – also available in a redline version (PDF, 970KB) with annotated changes. The proposed changes include updating completed items and deleting a program that is no longer necessary due to changes in the Design & Construction Standards.

The Pollutant Load Reduction Benchmark Analysis (PDF, 264) is also available for review and comment. This examines the need to develop benchmarks to guide implementation of programs designed to reduce the discharge of certain pollutants in stormwater. These documents will be submitted to DEQ as part of CWS’ permit renewal application.


Send questions or comments by October 9, 2020:
Roger Dilts, Water Resources Analyst
DiltsR@CleanWaterServices.org >

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