Bill Gaffi, P.E., General Manager

Bill was appointed by the Board in 1994 as Clean Water Services' third General Manager. Under his direction, Clean Water Services has built upon its expertise in wastewater and surface water management to become internationally regarded as a leader in watershed management.

Bill holds a degree in civil engineering from the University of Washington; is the Executive Director of the Clean Water Institute; is a past president of the Oregon Association of Clean Water Agencies; past board member of the National Association of Clean Water Agencies; and is the past Chair of the Willamette Partnership, a nonprofit focused on increasing the pace, scope and effectiveness of conservation investments.

Bill is perhaps best known nationally for his leadership in transforming Clean Water Services into a recognized leader in competitive business practices while retaining a long held reputation for technical excellence. In 2003, Bill was chosen by Fortune Small Business' as a finalist as the country's most innovative leader in building an employee-friendly and productive workplace. Bill has spent more than 40 years working in service to Oregon's environment as a practitioner and as a leader of efforts to understand and address issues affecting Oregon rivers. Bill's love of rivers is best reflected in his year round devotion to canoeing and sea kayaking.

Board of Directors is scheduled to review and approve the recruitment process, criteria and timeline for a new General Manager. View the public notice.

Clean Water Institute

The Clean Water Institute is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, created to expand Clean Water Services' ability to promote scientific research, education and environmental protection activities that benefit watersheds around the world.

Clean Water Services Board of Directors

Although Clean Water Services maintains a close working relationship with Washington County government, we are a special service district that serves as a separately managed and financed public utility. Our Board of Directors is comprised of the individuals who are elected as Washington County Commissioners:

  • Andy Duyck Chairman - at large
  • Dick Schouten - District 1
  • Greg Malinowski - District 2
  • Roy Rogers - District 3
  • Bob Terry - District 4
Leadership Team

The Leadership Team for Clean Water Services is comprised of:

  • Bill Gaffi, General Manager
  • Diane Taniguchi-Dennis, Deputy General Manager
  • Bob Baumgartner, Assistant Regulatory Affairs Department Director
  • Nate Cullen, Wastewater Treatment Department Director
  • Nora Curtis, Conveyance Systems Department Director
  • Holly Dober, Employee and Labor Relations Manager
  • Mark Jockers, Government & Public Affairs Manager
  • Kathy Leader, Finance Manager
  • Jerry Linder, General Counsel
  • Victoria Nolan, Risk & Benefits Manager
  • Mark Poling, Business Services Department Director
  • Bruce Roll, Watershed Management Department Director
  • Mat Stickler, Information Technology Division Manager
  • Ken Williamson, Regulatory Affairs Department Director
Clean Water Services Advisory Commission

The purpose of the Clean Water Services Advisory Commission (CWAC) is to review and discuss major policy issues and programs related to the management of water resources in the Tualatin River Watershed and make recommendations to Clean Water Services' Board of Directors. 

Learn more about CWAC members, meetings and minutes.


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Annual Report

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